A Votre Service has gained a high degree of trust amongst its clients

For over ten years A Votre Service has gained a high degree of trust amongst its clients who are pleased for us to manage their property and domestic affairs as well as personal financial matters*. They know that the work will be carried out with the utmost integrity and to their complete satisfaction.

Over the years we have delivered a range of practical solutions to our clients, from complex transactions such as purchasing property and recruiting staff to simple yet time-consuming tasks such as finding appropriate healthcare and setting up an internet connection.

As well as being a discreet solution provider, A Votre Service understands the cultural, business and social obstacles facing our international clients. We are ideally placed to advise and help clients when they first arrive in London and to continue providing them with ongoing support.

A Votre Service uses a network of skilled and trusted partners, from carpenters to art dealers, to complement its service. We will source the most appropriate supplier for you and oversee the work, from start to finish.

*A Votre Service is not licensed to provide financial services. We only assist with personal banking transactions and administration.

A Votre Service acts entirely in its clients’ interests. We are independent of the estate agents, legal firms and all professionals we cooperate with. In order to maintain our independence and to ensure that our clients’ interests are not compromised we do not accept fees, commissions or rebates from our professional providers.